Native web3.0 user acquisition
By combining Web2 cookies/IP data with Web3 wallet data Oddin can provide the perfect offer at the perfect time. Use Oddin to acquire new quality users or create a new revenue stream by referring your users to partners.
our partners
Oddin provides new users and new revenue
  • When a user visits the site of an Oddin member project they will be shown context aware offers
  • The offered projects receive new quality users
  • when the user follows the link and makes a deposit, the site showing the link will be paid a commission
  • Oddin pairs wallets with relevant offers by combining on-chain behavior with IP data

About our product

Pay per acquisition
No more risky marketing budgets. Decide the value of a new user, and pay no more than that.
Quality users
We only send users we know are interested in your products
Two birds one stone
Obtain new users, and refer to your partners for new revenue

Web2 user information combined with Web3 wallet behaviour profiles releases a firehose of data points creating infinite opportunities

The team

Shay Eliahu
Ilan Geller
Alon Vekker
Yael Wiener
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